Codec::getCodec exception!


27-08-2007 00:31:13

When i try to run my game, i have this exception:

OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Cannot find codec for extension material in Codec::getCodec at d:\ogrenew\ogremain\src\ogrecodec.cpp (line 62)

mGUIManager = GUIManager::getSingletonPtr();

i think it stops in the last line!


27-08-2007 01:10:01

I remember seeing that exception a few times, I forget the problem, but I think when trying to create the "qgui" SkinSet, it tries to make an image out of any file that starts with "qgui". This has been fixed in SVN. You could always try to narrow down the bug by debugging and stepping through the code... :P


27-08-2007 01:23:55


I go download the svn version lol :P


27-08-2007 01:59:45

well, now i compiled the version of the svn and i have this new error:

any idea??


27-08-2007 02:04:16

I think you are using an old version of the qgui.image.png texture. The SkinSet texture is hardcoded for 1024 by 1024 in size, and the old logo is that size. If you update your skin images, they will fit in that region easily. In the future we'll have to support larger size, but it's really hard to fill, unless you have one massive texture like that logo.