QuickGUI performance


28-08-2007 15:56:19

Follows a comparison between the same GUI in CEGUI 0.5.0, QuickGUI 0.9.5 and QuickGUI 0.9.6 (SVN). The GUIs are not exactly the same as CEGUI one has Spinners, instead of TextBoxes in QuickGUI ones.

I would like to highlight the equivalent performance between the last versions of CEGUI and QuickGUI. Also, the low bach count level in QuickGUI.

CEGUI 0.5.0

QuickGUI 0.9.5

QuickGUI 0.9.6



28-08-2007 16:46:19

Very interesting! It seems lowering the batch count didn't have as great an impact as I thought it would. But the fact that v0.9.6 is up there right around CEGUI performance means the library isn't so bad, right? :wink:

Creating my own quads has allowed me to gain full control of how text is rendered and displayed on screen. Trying to modify TextAreaOverlayElement objects to do text highlighting and character by character coloring, aligning etc would have been very painful.

Thanks for sharing your results.

[Edit] What video card do you have? Maybe the difference would be more apparent on low end video cards, like Intel Extreme Graphics? Just a thought.. [/Edit]


28-08-2007 18:59:28

That's a great comparison. It's good to know that QuickGUI is up there with CEGUI now, especially given the difference in the number of people who have worked on each one :D

Great job KungFooMasta!


28-08-2007 19:06:52

The tests were made on a GeForce 7900 GTX. I can try to make them at home, on a GeForce 6200 and 5200.