making a chat box wiget


05-09-2007 01:29:02

I've been thinking in how to make a chat box, and my idea is:

create 4 label's and a textbox.

so when arrives a msg, it will be showned in the last label(label 4), and when it comes a new msg, the newer goes to the label 4 and the old goes to label 3..

the text box will be draw above this label's... all with transparent image..

how this sound's?? it's a good implementation or there is a better implementation?


05-09-2007 02:57:49

I had planned to make a MultiLineTextBox for the next release, but I'm not sure if it will fit in, since my list is growing pretty fast. After making the MultiLineTextBox, I want to make a Console Widget, and from that a ChatBox Widget. (the later 2 widgets won't be as much work as the MultiLine)

I'm currently working on the much desired ScrollBar widget, but I'm also finding a lot of other areas for improvement.


06-09-2007 01:59:12

Does the current textbox support new lines using \n? As in, would it print the string as if it was on multiple lines? If so, you could just add all the chat text to one long string, separating each sent message with a \n.


06-09-2007 07:00:11

I don't think it supports it, would have to check the code to be sure. Either way, a quick fix like that would have problems when it comes to Text Highlighting. Not to mention I want to carry over words to the next line if they don't fit, and incorporate page up / page down / ctrl + home / ctrl + end, etc. Sorry I can't make your timeline, but it will be developed within the next version or the version after.


08-09-2007 23:54:00

just thought I'd post that the current textbox DOES indeed support and recognize \n as a newline, but seems to have a limit to two lines. Shouldn't take much to modify it so that it will take more.