Compiling with GNU


05-09-2007 19:07:31

Hey guys,

I am trying to give quickGUI a test run here, and I am having issues getting the .dll compiled under GNU's Gcc compiler. I am getting an internal compiler error at toplev.c. This occurs at the implementation of EventArgs constructor.

Anyone had any issues with this error on the GNU compiler?



05-09-2007 19:29:35

What version of GCC, what and what platform?


05-09-2007 19:35:45

Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with Linux compilers..

You might try viewing this thread, but I'm not sure how helpful it will be:

If you run into compatibility issues between the QuickGUI code base and your compiler, I'd be happy to add them in and make sure nothing changes on the Windows side of things.

I would setup a linux box and try to figure this all out, but I'm trying to press on with the next release, there is a lot that needs to be done.

Keep me updated on your status. :)


05-09-2007 19:40:04

It's the libstd++ version that Ogre recommends with the SDK, and I am using Code::Blocks. However, I knew this would happen...

As soon as I posted this issue, about 20 min later I figured it out. Since I am using code::blocks, I missed all the fine tuning that the MS project had. Well I read something on a tech site about this error being a dllimport bug in gcc. Traced it in the files, because figured it shouldn't be importing. Looked at the MS project file and noted a preprocessor definition for QUICKGUI_EXPORTS. So I added that, and bam. Took care of it.

So it was just a simple migration issue from MSVC to Code::Blocks.
Sorry to waste people's time




05-09-2007 19:53:52

No problem, I'm glad the problem is resolved! :)

Let me know your experience with the library, improvements are good. :wink: