some changes in v0.9.6v


10-09-2007 10:36:35

i just rectify some codes. i found some differences. i will list which i found and hope you can rectify it.
1. give a texture to a image. it replaces give a script name by a texture name. but this give me some troubles.
2. getText is not a String, getCaption is a String
3. setCaption
4. if adding or deleting a combox listitem, it will use a list which is get by getDropDownList()
5. i can't find something about createMouseCursor in the new demo. how it work? and you said you didn't use overlay. so, can you tell some about new methods?
6. we can get a listItem by menulist::getListItem(index), but now i can't use this. because i didn't record, so i must get it by index. how to do it in the v0.9.6v?
7. QuickGUI::MouseCursor::getSingleton().getPixelPosition() is replaced by getPosition()?
8. delete a mGUIManager. there is no deal in destructor in the old version.but, there do something int the destrutor in the new version. so, why there is no deal in the destructor in old version?
thank you! :)


10-09-2007 16:29:20

Reading the Wiki should help you out some.

1. QuickGUI does not use Ogre materials, so scripts are not supported. Only supported images are used as textures for widgets. Also procedural and render to texture can be used for widgets.

2. There is a *Text* class, and getText gives you a pointer to that object. Getting the Text object is how you can change the font and text color. (see in wiki also)

3. Widget::setCaption is a convenience method, calling mText->setCaption. It sets the text rendered by the Text class.

4. Not sure I understand what the problem is, that sounds accurate. You have to get the list and then add/remove items from it.

5. Mouse is created by default, you don't have to worry about it. If you don't want to use it, you can hide it, otherwise it is visible, and ready to use via GUIManager::injectMouse methods.

6. ListItem* getListItem(unsigned int index); Get the MenuList's List, then get the List Item via index.

7. There are 3 GUI Metrics Modes: relative, absolute, pixel. There are comments that describe them, I should probably put some explanation up on the wiki. To answer you question, yes. getPosition(QGUI_GMM_RELATIVE), getPosition(QGUI_GMM_PIXEL), getPosition(QGUI_GMM_ABSOLUTE);

8. At one point there was a setup/shutdown function which did what the normal constructor/desctructor does. In SVN, GUIManager does not have setup/shutdown.

I know the changes are great between v0.9.4 and v0.9.6. As of v0.9.7 I will minimize design changes. You will find v0.9.7 has a lot of new changes to get used to also. Hopefully it is the last major change to the way the library operates. :wink: