Ogre log message


11-09-2007 12:53:50

Found the following message in my ogre log:

13:47:52: WARNING: Texture instance 'qgui' was defined as manually loaded, but no manual loader was provided. This Resource will be lost if it has to be reloaded.

IIRC the textture resources can automatically get unloaded, while its not in use (no GUI elements visible?). Do we have a problem here?


11-09-2007 16:25:16

I'm not sure about this one. I create the skinset in memory and use it to reduce batching. I hope Ogre doesn't try to unload my manually loaded/created texture.. I guess we'll have to look into that issue when/if it arises, since I'm not sure what a manual loader is and how I would go about providing one.


11-09-2007 16:30:57

http://www.ogre3d.org/docs/api/html/cla ... oader.html


11-09-2007 17:34:53

Wow, so Ogre will unload my stuff? :evil:

They should implement the loadResource method such that the Resource is in the end set up exactly as if it had loaded from a file, although the implementations will likely differ between subclasses of Resource,

Is that saying "loadResource", in my case, should re-create the texture? I have a SkinSet class, which creates a manual Texture. I assume the constructor for this texture takes the manual loader. Does this mean SkinSet should inherit from ManualLoader, and I pass a pointer to the SkinSet as the ManualLoader for the Manual Texture? If the function to create my Texture does just that.. creates a texture, will it still work as a Manual Loader of a given texture? (It creates a new texture every time you call loadResource...) Maybe I shouldn't create the texture inside the function?


11-09-2007 17:40:12

Not really sure, since I haven't yet worked with manual resources loaders either. This will probably need some more investigation ...