How to order text on controls?


04-10-2007 22:29:36

I am try to create GUI animation.
And I have found, that 096 version has problem with my animation.

I have background layer (Image), buttons, and upper layer (Image) (this layer for hidding buttons in my animation).

If a am move button, I have got following:
Button image is hide under upper, but text is not. Why? How to order text on controls.

Also I am not fount how to order drawing a controls.


05-10-2007 00:16:33

I believe in the release there is a

Widget::appearOverWidget(Widget* w);

I know that I have updated this recently, but you might still find the old version of the function available, it will probably do the trick. Note that the function only works between 2 widgets in the same Quad Container, on the same Layer. I know these things aren't documented at all, I should add this information to the wiki actually.


05-10-2007 09:13:23