16-10-2007 10:57:48

The function Utility::isImageFile is broken. It doesn't even compile with gcc.

This line

Ogre::StringVector& supportedImageCodecs = Ogre::Codec::getExtensions();

must be changed to

Ogre::StringVector supportedImageCodecs = Ogre::Codec::getExtensions();


16-10-2007 17:10:13

Thanks, will change this when I get home!

This should work, right?

Ogre::StringVector* supportedImageCodecs = &(Ogre::Codec::getExtensions());

This function gets called a lot, I'm trying not to create/populate a vector of strings ever time isImageFile gets called. I tried populating the list before hand, but isImageFile is a static function, and I didn't have success making a static list and populating it with the Ogre Codec Extensions.