New to QuickGUI using pyogre


19-10-2007 13:42:06


I have a few questions about QuickGUI

Is there a Complied HTML (chm) or other reference for the QuickGUI API
Is there a multi line text box? (Related to the first question)
Does it there an IRC channel?
What are the differences between QuickGUI and CEGUI?

So far I have found the documentation and examples for it to be severely lacking and I wonder if I should just cut my losses.


19-10-2007 14:04:26

There is currently no API documentation, except for the header files. You could run Doxygen over it to extract the available documentation, but it isn't always exact and up to date.

There is a multi line text box, but I can't say how good it is (haven't used it yet). IIRC you will have to use the SVN version (or wait for the upcoming release) to get the multi line text box.

There is no IRC channel. Would be pointless at this stage. There aren't that many people using QuickGUI actively yet and they are spread out over different time zones.

Can't say too much about the difference between QuickGUI and CEGUI, since I haven't used CEGUI a lot. My impression is, that QuickGUI is more compact and has a clearer design (and is probably a bit faster).

Please keep in mind, that QuickGUI is still in an early stage. It is developing rapidly, which unfortunately includes common API changes. If you can live with that, then QuickGUI is a good choice. If not, you might want to wait at least a month or two before seriously starting to use it.

I wouldn't worry to much about the lack of documentation. It is rather easy to use QuickGUI, even if you only have the header files. And the support, that you get at this forum, is really good.


19-10-2007 14:19:27

Thanks for the reply.

The speed of your response is a good sign as it shows that the forums are at least active.

Since its alpha software it wouldn't be suitable for the project I have in mind.

There goes 1 wasted working day ...


19-10-2007 17:41:29

Its true that it is still in somewhat early stages of development, but I can tell you I have used CEGUI in the past, and all of issues I felt needed improvement in CEGUI (that were major design flaws IMO) were addressed in QuickGUI.

The MultiLineTextBox is currently not implemented. I know its in high demand, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Documentation, samples, and commenting are all lacking currently. I put a lot of thought into function names and commenting, and the code is a lot easier to read than other libs I have looked into. I will of course put in effort to provide more documentation, but the library needs to mature more first. I initially went through and did heavy commenting, but through the various releases, a lot of comments became inaccurate, or were deleted.

So it really depends on your project, and its time line. If you want something flexible and extremely easy to skin, you will like the library. The next release will focus on stability, but there is no deadline.