Non-standard headers


25-10-2007 18:02:14

Found in QuickGUIConfigScriptParser.h:

#include <hash_map>

This is not a standard- header. It is not guaranteed to exist at all and indeed on my system it doesn't exist, so I can't compile the current version of QuickGUI.


25-10-2007 18:23:00

Is there a work around for that? (I did not write that code)

I can look into it, maybe a map can be used instead.


25-10-2007 18:36:53

Fixed it already. Ogre defines a macro for this purpose (HashMap). Not pretty, but it will do. I can make a patch later.


25-10-2007 18:55:05

OK, here it is:


25-10-2007 19:16:12

Awesome, thanks! I will apply it tonight.