Linking error when initializing QGUI


11-11-2007 06:44:20


I just started with Ogre, and I quickly realized that CEGUI is fairly complicated. My instructor suggested QuickGUI, so I'm giving it a shot.

I've been looking over the wiki, and I've downloaded 0.9.6b. I started off by including QuickGUI, and adding:

QuickGUI::GUIManager *mGUI;
QuickGUI::Sheet *mSheet;

to my header file of the state in which I'll be creating my GUI.

Following the wiki, I used:

mGUI = QuickGUI::GUIManager::getSingletonPtr();

I decided to just run it to make sure it works, but I get a linking error. I tried making a new GUIManager, but it's actually private. What am I doing wrong?



11-11-2007 07:36:41

I should probably take down the link to v0.9.6b. Can you upgrade to the v0.9.7 early release version? I will update the Wiki in 10 minutes or so, with instructions for setting up QuickGUI in your own application. :)


11-11-2007 08:37:59

Ok... So I updated and followed the wiki you posted...

Except now it's wierd.


That line doesn't work because in my files, there isn't a SkinSetManager, but a SkinSet.

I'm also not using the example framework(thought I'd let you know).


11-11-2007 08:43:37

The zip has now been updated, and as you have seen, so has the wiki.

Let me know if there are more problems.


11-11-2007 08:53:22

I downloaded the zip again from the thread, and updated my files.

QuickGUI can't find registerScriptParser()...
...or SkinSetManager.

Am I missing something?


11-11-2007 08:57:25

Either your include/src files are not correctly updated, or your lib files are not updated.

If you open QuickGUIManager.h, you should see the following function:

void _QuickGUIExport registerScriptParser();

So it's definately there. Try rebuilding your libs. Also, do you see a file QuickGUISkinSetManager.h?

Maybe just blow away your current files, and rebuilding it from scratch, to reduce problems.

I'm going to sleep now, but if you have more problems, please post them and I'll address them tomorrow. I know the zip I just uploaded compiled and ran, and has the latest files, so any problems must be configuration and out of sync files/libs/dlls.


22-11-2007 18:05:52

I'm trying to compile QuickGUI, but for some reason, when I open up the .sln, or even the project file, an error comes up telling me that the project is either missing or the access is denied.

I'm running it in VS2005, but my game project is actually in VS2003.


22-11-2007 20:37:50

It's probably the "QuickGUISkinSetEditor" and "QuickGUISheetEditor" projects that I didn't include, and these don't affect the QuickGUI library. Can you confirm these are the projects you are referring to?


23-11-2007 02:28:09

Yes, the Skitseteditor is missing in the project file.

One of my instructors gave compiling a shot, and for some reason, he was able to compile, except for the fact that his machine didn't have something from Ogre. I can't remember what it was. He was able to get the .dll and .lib for me to use. When we tried it on my laptop, it didn't work at all. He didn't quite understand what was going on, and I was baffled as well. I just gave it a shot as well and now mine is compiling. Odd. I'm only missing Ogre in it because my Ogre is set up for VS2003.

Anyways, I've got all those errors out, but I'm still having a problem with:


It says that it can't find registerScriptParser(). I've also looked into QuickGUIManager.h like you said, and it's not there.