Portability issues


13-11-2007 13:20:53

Hi all,

I'm new to QuickGUI and am having a problem running a program using it on different machines. On my development machine everything shows up perfectly, but when I try to run the same program on my test machine only some of the widgets show up. There doesn't seem to be a pattern along specific types of widgets (I've had problems with images, for example, where some of them are displayed and some are not).

Another strange anomaly I'm getting occurs with a text box. When I highlight the text that has been typed in the label that accompanies the textbox disappears (perhaps it's the same issue?).

Does anybody have any ideas as to why this would happen or perhaps a starting point to try and track the error down?


13-11-2007 17:07:09

I saw this the other night when running my own app on my gf's laptop. I didn't investigate further, but I'm hoping its a driver issue. I don't even remember if I was running DirectX or OpenGL, but both should be tried. I know my app worked fine on 4 other people's machines. Do you get this undesired behavior on every other machine you run it on?


13-11-2007 17:15:07

No, I only get it on the one machine. It runs fine on 3 other machines I've tried it on. Now that I think about it the machine it has problems on is the only one with an ATI card. Maybe it is a driver problem like you said


13-11-2007 17:16:30

Yah I should have mentioned, my gf's laptop uses an ATI card as well. Can't remember the model though, maybe something around a ATI Radeon 9000 with 64 or 128mb. Not a recent card..


13-11-2007 17:21:17

this one's an X1300 with 256 MB. I'll try some different drivers and/or changing the rendering system I'm using. Thanks for the help