Fonts under Direct3D


21-11-2007 14:42:32

I downloaded the last SVN revision (258). Everything works OK with OpenGL, but with Direct3D some letters/texts are missing, textbox looks weird and it when I select an item in combobox, it doesn't appear as selected. Here I compiled your demo: download.


21-11-2007 19:51:07

Downloaded, ran, and found no problems. :(

I'm guessing you're using DirectX and using an ATI card? I have heard of some issues when using this combination. Could be a driver issue, I'm not sure..


21-11-2007 20:52:43

Yes I am using ATI video card. I am downloading the latest driver, and will see if it helps.


21-11-2007 22:05:32

The latest driver didn't help. I'll try the latest dx9 version.


21-11-2007 22:34:57

The latest directx9 version didn't help too. Is there any other way to solve this problem?


21-11-2007 22:38:56

Yea, get an Nvidia graphics card :)


21-11-2007 23:58:43

Do all the Ogre demos run fine in DX with your ATI card? I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary, at least not that I know of..