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23-11-2007 04:39:46


I have decided to use this gui system a try over the other ones, we have some art resources in house and some coding power dedicated to bring some ui to life.

I have some comment to help get things going, firstly i must say this project was easier to get to compile than ODE, but there is still some quirks in the 0.9.7 pre-release version i downloaded.

-the wiki need to have an official download section, its not professional and easy to have to fetch into post threads what is not obviously the latest version, also some people like to have stable earlier version at their disposal.

-The QuickGui demo had a section of code that loaded relative to some path, put a Text file to say you have to copy resources.cfg and add the required path to it so we can get rid of this, it gave me a rough 1/2 hour to figure this.

-In the code i suggest getting rid of as much #define as you can if you do not know why, read this book :
http://www.amazon.com/C%2B%2B-Coding-St ... 268&sr=8-1

This is a must to read for doing very good code, also as an example the #define NUM_EVENTS in QuickGuiWidget.h can be added in the event enum as max_event (this enum should be typedefed) for example so you can do this kind of code which is more streamlined :
for(unsigned short i = Widget::NoMessage ; i < Widget::LastEvent; i++)
Its a design decision, open to tastes (old school vs new school) but it lessens error by not having to modify a #define every time you add a new message ( i know its not supposed to change often...)

Anyway we are interested to take what you have done since most of the basics are there. As i am system architect and director of development, i have a couple of years in experience in ingeneering complex c++ system with boost and standard C++ lib. I will also talk with my boss for a potential venture in building a C# base GUI editor for in-game windows (at least for layout loading) with XML as base (with clearer tags than CEGUI).

I have seen some reference to OGRE on .net around if people are interested in helping out, we will iron out details next week, give us your pulse on this editor part.

Anyhow the code is clean enough, and follow the Ogre coding paradigm enough to be stamped easy to use if you have done at least a week or 2 of coding in ogre. Also we want to be able to use our gui with lua so we will probably release our adapter to lua to the community.

If we want to help with our own code contribution is there a process in place ? a svn ?

Kudos to the kungfoo dude


23-11-2007 06:21:19

Hey hotdot, welcome! :)

I will add a more official download section to the wiki probably tomorrow. I'm still getting used to edditing and managing the wiki page. :wink:

Regarding the Text file, we should add that in. I didn't add the resource code, but I did forsee problems, since it assumes a certain file structure:

-> OgreSDK
-> QuickGUI

Sorry for the problems with that. :(

I didn't know using #define was considered bad. I use it in combination with enums to avoid *magic numbers*. Good idea with the enums, I should do that so I don't have to update that number all the time, like you say.

Contributions are very welcome. I will work on getting you commit access to the SVN. Can you PM me a desired username? SVN info is found in this thread:


I'm just about ready to commit a large chunk of updates to the core library, I will update the SVN status thread when this occurs. Thanks for giving feedback on the library. :)