QuickGUI doesn't compile against Ogre CVS


26-11-2007 01:05:53


I thought I'd take a look at this project, possibly for using in my engine at some point. I couldn't get the demo to compile against CVS head, though. I got the following error:

c:\Users\David\Downloads\QuickGUIv0.9.7PreRelease\QuickGUIv0.9.7PreRelease\QuickGUIDemo\include\QuickGUIDemo.h(276) : error C2039: 'createRenderTexture' : is not a member of 'Ogre::RenderSystem'

Checking the Ogre docs I notice that 'createRenderTexture()' was deprecated in Ogre 1.4 so I guess it's finally been removed. It should be replaced with TextureManager::createManual() - i tried this but didn't really know what I was doing...

By the way, are there screenshots somewhere? The one's in the showcase thread don't seem to load.

Anyway, I look forward to trying it!


26-11-2007 01:17:03

I had somebody help me out updating my site, and my "downloads" folder became "dloads, and I haven't fixed them up. The last page or 2 of the SVN thread will have viewable screenshots.

The problem you see is just with the demo. I create a RTT and use that to render to an Image widget. As long as you create an Ogre::Texture in some form, it can be used with the Image Widget. So its a really minor issue, RTT can most likely be done with createManual, although I'd have to look into it to be sure.


26-11-2007 01:46:53

Thanks. Well I'll have a play with it and see if I can get it working in my project. Along with RBGui this seems to be one of the best options for Ogre. And it has the advantage of no other dependencies (correct?) and a Linux version.


26-11-2007 02:11:33

Yah, Ogre is the only dependency. And I'm actively working on the project. :)

Check out the Wiki for a quick guide and useful information about the library. I think its mostly up to date, but read with a grain of salt. :wink:

You could comment out the RTT stuff altogether, shouldn't be a problem, unless I'm mistaken.