Wiki updated


27-11-2007 04:26:39


I updated the wiki :)

please feel free to add to it. I added a special section so people can showcase their work, this could help gaining more people to the project if other see the coolness of QuickGUI.


27-11-2007 05:38:05

Wow its much better!! :D

Thanks for helping out with this! Hopefully soon I can add some more content to fill those blank pages. I'm still learning how to make decent wiki pages, as you saw the original page was pretty plain.


27-11-2007 11:01:59

It really looks very nice!


27-11-2007 15:21:25

Well no problems there, one thing you can do is simply check how other ogre wiki pages where constructed, i found all these nice templates inside some. I used extensively wiki when i was in the land Engineering center of the Canadian Army. I used to work on the software for making troops deployments 8)


27-11-2007 15:53:11

Great job! Surely one of the best pages on the wiki now! :wink:

I used to work on the software for making troops deployments
Heh, that must have been fun, do a few tweaks here and there, and enjoy the show :)


27-11-2007 16:26:15

WOW!!!! now is more clear!!!
thanks hot dot! 8)


27-11-2007 16:43:38

I noticed QuickGUI's logo is good, but could use some improvements, i'll check if i cannot add a more artistic touch to it if kunfooMasta is ok with it, though it'll probably have to wait for the moment.


27-11-2007 17:33:36

Changing the Logo is fine with me. :) Any skin enhancements (logo included) are welcome!