Happy new logo !


27-11-2007 21:18:59

KungFooMasta, we have the Photoshop file with fonts, i would like to know if you prefer to have it on the svn or by email ?


You can see it live on the wiki !


27-11-2007 21:28:59

Awesome, I like it!

prefer to have it on the svn or by email ?

Both! If you email it to me I will add to SVN, or you can add it in also. It should be renamed to "qgui.image.png", so it will be the default skin for the Image widget. (assuming use of qgui skin)


27-11-2007 22:09:11

Nice one hotdot! May I suggest to make the black lines slightly smoother, and perhaps changing the black arrow either to a different color, or giving it some glow (imho looks a bit too depressing (maybe) atm). Also maybe adding a bit of saturation to the colors would do. and perhaps making the back gradient slightly more complex.
sorry, if that's (bullshit) irrelevant. :lol: