Skinning Question


05-12-2007 22:45:28


Putting the finishing touches on my skin, and I want to test what I have thus far. How do I set the default skin to mine? I have set the "sheet" skin to mine, but I've noticed that other parts of the GUI, namely the cursor, like to remain as qgui.

is there a "setDefaultSkin" for when loading multiple skins? Right now I am loading qgui and mine to make sure the app doesn't crash. It seems to want qgui there if the other skin isn't complete...


PS - My cursor disappears near the edge of the window, whats up with that?


06-12-2007 00:03:40

Regarding the mouse, you need to make the call:

void MouseCursor::setHideCursorWhenOSCursorOffscreen(false);

When the cursor touches the edges of the screen it will go invisible by default.

Regarding skinning. I don't consider the Mouse Cursor to be a part of the Sheet, its actually not a Widget. You can set its skin using the MouseCursor::setSkin function.

I could make a GUIManager::setDefaultSkin function, but the only objects I default to "qgui" skin are Sheets, and the MouseCursor. setDefaultSkin wouldn't work for the MouseCursor, which is created upon GUIManager construction, and I think the function would cause more confusion than help.


06-12-2007 00:19:52

Ah ok. I knew how to manually set it. I just didn't know if there would be others unaffected by my skinned components unless i did them manually.

Mouse - thanks, i'll set that up.