QuickGUI Console


07-12-2007 16:30:32

2 Questions regarding the QuickGUI::Console widget.

1. I created an event handler using addOnEnterPressedEventHandler() to process some text in the input box. Since mInputBox is a protected member of QuickGUI::Console, what is the best way to retrieve the text?

2. I am creating a debug console that will be shown every time the user hits '~'. Because I want to be flexible in terms of a GUIManager I create and destroy the widget each time '~' is pressed. What is the correct method for destroying a widget? I am currently using mGUIManager->destroyWidget("guiConsole"), but doing so leaves the scrollbars visible on the screen.

Thanks for your help!


07-12-2007 17:55:23

1. I'll need to view the code, and supply an interface to get the InputText, if there isn't a defined method.

2. This sounds like a bug to me, probably the scroll bars didn't get recognized as children or components. This doesn't remove the fact that there is a bug, but do you have to destroy it all the time? Couldn't you just hide/show it? (toggle visibility)

Thanks for posting these, I'll check it out when I can.


07-12-2007 18:53:32

1. Thank you!

2. Yes, I can show/hide the widget and that works great. I like the idea of destroying it each time because I am using different GUIManagers and can use a newly created widget with any GUIManager and just repopulate the text.