setPropogateEventFiring and scrollbars


12-12-2007 22:58:21

Hi KongfuMasta,

2 things and one of them i don't know if it is already pointed out....

1. i think the function should be called setPropagate... and not setPropogate
2. if i use this function on ComboBoxes the event is not propagated to the scrollbar...

One idea... it can help (me) a lot if the function can receive another bool for the delegation of this event to all childs.


12-12-2007 23:42:07

Thanks. :lol:

A quick google search shows that my spelling is incorrect, so I'll change it. What are you trying to accomplish with propagation of events in all child widgets? If its related to enter/leave events, I have a better solution for that. But if you have a good reason, I could implement something like:

void setPropagateEvent(Event e, bool propagate, bool recursive = false);


13-12-2007 15:45:10

i'm sorry for the question, but for what is used setPropagateEvent?


13-12-2007 17:40:33

propagate allows a widget to pass the event to its parent. So if you click on a button inside the window, and the button is set to propagate MOUSE_BUTTON_DOWN event, it will send this event to the Window. Essentially, clicking on the button will be like clicking on the Window.


13-12-2007 18:52:11

your solution sounds very good to me...
Do you remeber my ShortCutbar? the code will be much cleaner with your solution :)