4 things: combobox, scrollbars, fonts & mousecursor


13-12-2007 10:39:07

Hope I counted right :D

I know you got a lot to do and these things are not that urgent, as I can live with them ^^

#1: Combobox:
Is there a possibility to auto-select the first item after a combobox is created?

My problem is, I create a combox box and a button.
If the button is pressed, it gets the text from the selected item of the combobox.

If nothing is selected, it crashes.

#2: Scrollbars:
Is there a way to apply custom dimensions to the scrollbar widgets?
(like for the arrow-buttons)

#3: Fonts:
I know there was some discussion going on about unsharp-images, but if I remember right, it was only a DX issue.

Here’s a pic of an app using an older quickGUI version:
(setTexture was still allowed)

Here’s a pic of an other app using revision 279:

As you can see, the font is basically the same, but rendered differently.
In the new version it seems to be over-sharpened, somes even a bit cut-off.

Do you have a clou what could be causing this?

And: what is setSupportedCodePoints for? Is this for special chars?

#4: last but not least – mouse cursor:
Are there any resrictions to the mouse cursor texture?
In my levelTool-app(the old qgui version), I set the cursor texture with setTexture – this works.
In the newer app, I don’t explicitly set the mouse cursor texture, and it is invisible.
If I load the standard qgui skin though first, it is visible (with the qgui skin)
If I write:

this->GUIManager->getMouseCursor()->setSkin("zogui" );

It doesn’t affect anything.
Maybe the setSkin of the cursor isn’t working yet?

Once again, these are no things which are in a hurry, I just wanted to point them out ;)

PS: Eventhough the apps might look a bit misterious, I cant provide any info yet except that one is my bachelor-thesis-program and the other one is a little converter tool for our semester game project, which I plan to further develop in spring (february/march).


13-12-2007 18:00:08

First off, thanks for the feedback and screenshots, awesome! I love seeing custom skins. :D

void ComboBox::selectItem(unsigned int index);

You should be able to create it and immediately select the first item after populating it. If that doesn't work let me know.

2. Something that nobody has used yet:

void ScrollPane::setHorizontalButtonLayout(HorizontalScrollBar::ButtonLayout layout);
void ScrollPane::setVerticalButtonLayout(VerticalScrollBar::ButtonLayout layout);

Trying something like:


Should give you scroll bars that look like Mac scroll bars. There are 7 different button layouts to choose from, see if they work for you. :)

Regarding custom dimensions, can you show me a photoshopped screenshot of what you would like to do? Do you want to be able to make the scroll buttons wider/taller?

3. In the SVN I had some settings to mess around with the filtering of images, maybe that was it. I believe the text looks fine in DX and GL on my machine now, but I need to do some extra work before committing. The SVN thread will be updated when I have finished.

4. Can you email/PM me your cursor and I'll test it out? :)

Also, I see the scrollbar image isn't as sharp as I would like. This is fixed by using borders on the buttons, most standard buttons should use borders. I haven't updated qgui buttons to do this yet.


13-12-2007 19:17:15

Thanks, I'll give it all a try and send the cursor to you asap ;)

@ComboBox: I tried that already, looks like the intellisense fooled me, as it said this function is private - but it works :)


13-12-2007 21:56:28

kungfoomasta, i have tried to create a panel, allow it to scroll and then it creates a text box that goes off the dimensions of the panel, so should be appear the vertical scroll bar.
then i have made the call to scrollPane to change the button layout, but the compiler gives me an error of unresolved reference to an external symbol in the "class QuickGUI::ScrollPane * __thiscall QuickGUI::Panel::getScrollPane(void)".
i post the code:

QuickGUI::Panel *panel;
panel = mSheet->createPanel();

QuickGUI::TextBox *tb5;
tb5 = panel->createTextBox();
tb5->setText("example text");


what is wrong in the code?


13-12-2007 22:08:26


Can you verify that there exists the function "getScrollpane" in QuickGUIPanel.cpp?

Also, can you verify the following code exists in QuickGUIScrollPane.h?

namespace QuickGUI
class _QuickGUIExport ScrollPane :
public Widget


15-12-2007 09:17:50

Hi! i have verified and in the QuickGUIPanel.cpp doesn't exist the function getScrollPane...maybe, must i create also a QuickGUI::ScrollPane object to use the function getScrollPane?
instead, in the file QuickGUIScrollPane.h there is the code you have posted.


15-12-2007 10:33:53

You must be using an outdated version, please update.


15-12-2007 11:01:40

now i have update the code from svn. i'll try to compile and than see if works.

edited: with the update now all works perfectly. i have noticed that there are new functions and the features were changed...well! :D