Console Widget Functions


17-12-2007 10:08:14

I've been experimenting with the console widget as a chat box and I've come across a few issues.

I want some way to have the input box deselect after hitting enter when nothing has been typed. I know that there is a function focus() for the inputbox to come into focus, but is there a way to make it lose focus? I want the inputbox to lose focus without having to make another widget come into focus.

Also, when I call the focus() function on the console the cursor doesn't start blinking until something is typed. Is this a bug, or is there another function I can call to get this to show up?

The third issue is the repeat rate. Currently there seems to be no repeat rate for pressed keys. (Holding the keys down doesn't make more than 1 key show on the screen). Should the repeat rate manually be done through OIS/whichever input system is used, or will QuickGUI handle this in the future?


17-12-2007 17:01:05

It doesn't really make sense to have nothing in focus, something has to have focus. Maybe you want the sheet to have focus, so it would appear like nothing has focus? Try setting focus to the sheet.

The cursor is probably visible, but so far on the left that it's covered by the border. I should probably adjust the text area to work with the border dimensions.

Are you injecting time into the GUIManager? (It used to have a repeat rate, but I haven't tested lately)


17-12-2007 20:12:30

Yeah, I have been injecting time to the guimanager.

Also, what I meant by cursor not being visible is the actual blinking | line in the inputbox. I didn't mean the mouse cursor. Usually when the inputbox is selected the line cursor blinks even if you move the actual mouse cursor off of it. This is what does not happen when you call the focus() command.

As for the focusing the sheet, I'll give it a try. I was just trying to drop focus because of the way my input system works. Thanks.