how to do 2 options ? (rotation, colorfilter)


17-12-2007 13:37:15

I would like to rotate my overlay, but I don't find if we can do that.

And I would like to done a fadein fade out on a widget whit an setAlpha() method or a setColor, but It's not possible.
Anyway if I could have a pointeur on a material I could done it by myself

thx U.


17-12-2007 17:04:13

I think rotation can be accomplished by altering the UV coordinates. It's not very high on the priority list, but when I get a chance maybe I can look into this. One problem I can see at the moment would be transparency picking. I can alter the UV coords to make the widget appear rotated, but I'd also need to apply these changes when I check if the givel cursor pixel position is over a transparent part of the image.


17-12-2007 17:12:41

and about color ?


17-12-2007 17:42:45

I need a user scenario of a widget that changes color, can you provide one? Right now everything is rendered according to user defined images/textures, so I don't see how color fits in, other than coloring text. I have plans for coloring text, but I'm currently take a break for a few days with QuickGUI, and coloring is not high priority. Double/Triple click is high priority.