new item !


18-12-2007 22:06:23

Do you know if you will create a special but very importante widget.

a list with in left a static text and on right a editable text ???


18-12-2007 22:39:48

This is probably a MultiColumnList, which has been asked for in the past, but is a widget that requires other widgets that are not yet implemented. There are plans for it to be made, but I can't suggest any sort of time frame for when it will be implemented, sorry.


18-12-2007 22:44:54

but MultiColumnList, would be editable by the user ? (from gui)


18-12-2007 22:54:24

First I have to make ToolBar widget. The ToolBar widget can create and use the following widgets:

(the following are not yet created!)
- MenuTextBox
- MenuLabel (exception, it is created)
- MenuComboBox
- MenuProgressBar

A List can use any of the Menu Widgets also.

A MultiColumList is a bunch of Lists grouped together in one container. You will be able to specify the type of Widget for each column, or sub-list.

Column1 | Column2
<MenuLabel> | <MenuTextBox>

So you see, I have to make a lot of stuff if I want it to work how I like. :(