Linux compile error


26-12-2007 20:17:12

If you pass by reference, you need to create a variable to refer to.

Index: QuickGUI/src/QuickGUIManager.cpp
--- QuickGUI/src/QuickGUIManager.cpp (revision 306)
+++ QuickGUI/src/QuickGUIManager.cpp (working copy)
@@ -736,7 +736,8 @@
mActiveSheet = s;

// Make sure active widget loses focus.
- mActiveWidget->fireEvent(Widget::EVENT_LOSE_FOCUS,EventArgs());
+ EventArgs eventargs;
+ mActiveWidget->fireEvent(Widget::EVENT_LOSE_FOCUS, eventargs);

// Make sure mouse over widget has mouse leave event.
MouseEventArgs args(mWidgetContainingMouse);


26-12-2007 21:48:48

Oops. This is because I removed the const from the args parameter in the fireEvent method. I did this because I'm lazy, and I wanted the fireEvent method to also set the EventArgs::eventType member. The alternative would be to set the eventType member in all args before calling fireEvent.

Added this to SVN, thanks for the heads up.