New Bug on destroying Combobox


21-01-2008 14:58:01


I got a new bug
here is the demo file

I just destroy and create a combobox when you cliked on button

bug appear if I destroy combobox when combobox is down or selecting something



21-01-2008 17:31:20

I wasn't able to debug the last bug you gave me, haven't had the time. Are you able to step into this and see why you are getting the crash?


22-01-2008 09:06:51

I don't have the time to , but I will see ...


23-01-2008 16:55:01

I don't have the time to , but I will see ...

I hate to be the "scolding mom" but you know, QuickGUI is a product of *GENEROSITY* on the part of Kungfoomasta. If you don't have the time to at least HELP debug the problem, why should he take the time to help you? I mean, he's already donated probably hundreds of hours of coding so you can benefit FOR FREE. The least you could do is make an attempt at finding the problem yourself...



25-01-2008 10:29:27

I mom ^^ I'm student I have lot of projet to finish for this week so. I don't I time to debug this .
I just report this bug , not for me but for QUICKGUI.

I says that I will in the futur , probably next week or more ;)

Happy mom ?