couple questions/comment


23-01-2008 07:43:29

Just started using your gui system and I like it, but I have ran into a few issues:

First, I just want static text gui object on the screen, I assume it is QuickGUI::Label, I have text, but I would like to remove the background image from certain ones, I have tried to setSkinComponent(".label2"); to another image which was full alpha, to null, remove border, ect... but nothing I tried worked :(.

Second: anyway to create a gui that is relative to the size of the window? I plan on having multiple resolutions, I assume the only solution here it to manually compute the positions based upon size each time the size changes.

bug: The console if there is too many items in it, the newly added item is added to below the visible portion of the console, and the text is visible (I assume this is being fixed "clipping issue")

Suggestion: have the console auto scroll to the newest item, and somehow allow for a reverse ordering /scroll of the console (so the newer entry is at the bottom and it scrolls up instead of down) . I suppose easily implemented by the user, but would be nice for base functionality

Keep up the awesome work :)


23-01-2008 09:41:10

for the first question i can answer: you only have to do "label->hideSkin();" and the background image isn't displayed.

for the second question, i think that there is a metod, maybe the anchoring, that permits you to be relative to the resolution of the window, but i don't know yet how it works...


24-01-2008 01:01:58

alas, there is no function like that in 0.9.7 Early Stages


24-01-2008 19:38:14

biohaz, are you able to use SVN?

I can try to update the zip, but I'm getting pretty close to next release.


24-01-2008 22:08:25

Maybe i forgot to say that this issue is in the last SVN...


25-01-2008 04:16:18

awesome, I got the svn and got it to work, thanks.

I have noticed a bug: in the console if you use allowScrolling(false)
it will error to this line

for(WidgetArray::iterator it = mComponents.begin(); it != mComponents.end(); ++it)
here -> if((w = (*it)->getTargetWidget(pixelPosition)) != NULL)
return w;

also I assume there is for the time being no way to have relative positions and sizes (0.0 -> 1.0) I screwed with the h/v anchor but it seemed to have no effect.