Problem with loadSkin()


10-02-2008 13:22:40


I just discovered QuickGUI and integrated the latest SVN into my Ogre project. Somehow, my App now crashed at this line:

QuickGUI::SkinSetManager::getSingleton().loadSkin("qgui", QuickGUI::SkinSet::IMAGE_TYPE_PNG, "quickgui");

I know it loads the skin, everything is fine with the resources. However, the loadSkin() method of the SkinManager just crashes at the "return true;". So I dived deeper and discovered, that the Ogre::StringVectorPtr is the culprit. After I added a .setNull() to it, so it reads

Ogre::StringVectorPtr results = Ogre::ResourceGroupManager::getSingleton().findResourceNames(mResourceGroup, mTextureName);
if(results.isNull() || results->empty())
return false;

it works now. BTW, I use Ogre 1.4.6 and VC9.



10-02-2008 17:36:55

That seems odd. I went ahead and added it in, since the only purpose of those lines of code are to see if the skinset file exists, and I don't use the results.