Visual Studio 2008?


18-02-2008 22:05:35

Does QuickGUI compile and run on Visual Studio 2008? I need to know for a project.


18-02-2008 22:22:58

I use Visual Studio 2005, but I'm sure vs2008 can update the project and use it correctly. Basically, if you can run Ogre in vs2008, you can run QuickGUI. :wink:


19-02-2008 00:13:39

I've tried.. and it didn't work :/

maybe you can try?


19-02-2008 00:20:11

I don't have visual studio 2008. First off, are you able to compile and run all the Ogre demo's using vs2008? I can't imagine M$ not making vs2005 solutions incompatible with vs2008..


19-02-2008 15:19:16

Yes, with the VS9 Package


19-02-2008 17:30:39

I've tried.. and it didn't work :/

Nobody can help you unless you give more information.


20-02-2008 00:36:58

Ehhh screw it. I'll go to myGui :)


20-02-2008 00:55:27

Hm, sorry if I seemed rude. I come across way too many "it doesn't work" posts.

Since I don't have vs2008 there isn't much I can do at this time. If you could describe what you are doing, and what is happening, me or somebody might be able to suggest something.

If you want to go with MyGUI I wish you luck. :)


20-02-2008 02:54:13

I can vouch that QuickGUI as of SVN revision 339 builds just fine on Visual Studio 2008. At least it does on the Express Edition which is what I have. I imported the solution, did a batch build with both debug and release modes and voila it compiled, linked the libraries and built the demos.

twilight17, if you expect to get any help you have to give us more details about what problems you ran into. We aren't psychic (at least to my knowledge :) ) and are unable to know what exactly is happening on your system unless you provide us the details. The error messages you're getting would be very useful.

We all want QuickGUI to be the best GUI it can be, but Kungfoomasta needs our help.


20-02-2008 04:36:40

Well, I was being a bit rude my self.. But I'm actually going to stick with QuickGUI, I like it a ton, and kungfoomasta, you're always helpful..
I'll try again to build it, and see if it works. Thanks everyone!

(OH: kungfoomasta, why don't you just download Visual C++ Express 2008? --free!)


20-02-2008 06:31:35

Yah, as obvious as it is, it totally slipped my mind to use the express version. :oops:

This weekend I'll give it a shot and commit the VC9 solution files to SVN.

Actually, libolt, can you commit your solution files to SVN? :)


20-02-2008 14:55:14

YAY! I got it, it worked! :mrgreen: w00t :!:


20-02-2008 17:33:09


I can do that later today when I get home.


20-02-2008 18:27:00

Glad to here it works! Now if I could just find some time to fix this horrible clipping issue.. :?

libolt, that would be great if you could add it to SVN.


20-02-2008 21:08:58

I think users will also need to know that they might need the VS9 version of the OgreSDK or they might need to build it from source in VS9. Libolt, is this the case?

Maybe we should include some instructions with the next release as to how to build on various environments.


22-02-2008 21:22:50

Hi everyone, im pretty new to all the OGRE world, im very enthusiastic about developing in here.

I got a problem, i have:

DirectX SDK (November 2007)
OGRE Source v1.4.6

I already installed it all, gave VC9 the directories for DXSDK, and build the OGRE Source in VC9... all was going nice, when i started getting many warning messages, most concerning DX libraries and deprecated items, but at the end, Demos were built and seemed allright, though i already had the lil itchy feeling about something might be wrong.

After that, i tried to run some demos, but i could not go past compilation (right click -> Compile), the demos seem not to run, SkyPlane for example:

1>------ Build started: Project: Demo_SkyPlane, Configuration: Release Win32 ------
1>cl : Command line warning D9035 : option 'Wp64' has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release
1>Skipping... (no relevant changes detected)
1>Build log was saved at "file://c:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Desktop\OGRE\ogrenew\Samples\SkyPlane\obj\Release\BuildLog.htm"
1>Demo_SkyPlane - 0 error(s), 1 warning(s)
========== Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

And then nothing happens obviusly, im a bit new to VC9 environments, so my questions are:

How can i get an OGRE Demo to run up with this?

Is it just that im a "silly nub" at this, and im not getting something pretty obvius?

Is this post too "n00b" to exist, so i will be dragged out on streets and shot for this?

In any case, i hope someone can help me on this, so this can help for future references!

Thankyou in advance!!


22-02-2008 21:49:55

Its definately not too noob a post. :)

However I have not tested out vs2008 yet. I believe you need to compile using VC9 dependencies. The Ogre Development Talk forum would be the right place to ask for help.


23-02-2008 00:35:06

Those warning's dont matter, I've compiled it with VC9 dependencies and it gives the same warnings.. they dont stop Ogre from running, just ignore them. No harm in that :)


23-02-2008 20:20:49

Oh! Allright, then im not alarmed for those warnings anymore, im taking up some tutorials about OGRE, and i think ill take some about VC9 too... by some reason i cant make demos run from source, maybe i just dont know how...

Ill head up for Ogre Development Talk forums, ty for the replies. :)