Install QuickGUI in Windows...


20-02-2008 11:06:11

Hi there all!!
First, Sorries for ask an extremly noob question in my first post, but I was starting to get crazy....:oops:

I searched around the forum before post, and looked the wiki, but still don't know how to run QuickGUI with Ogre in Windows XP.

I downloaded QuickGUIv0.9.7PreRelease.
Can see some "CMakelists" inside...maybe similar to Linux Makefiles? I downloaded CMake too but can't execute the files. Maybe writing something at line command?

Well, any help will be welcomed!! :D

Best Regards, Sherman


20-02-2008 17:55:36

you have to compile the project "QuickGUI.sln" (obviously you must install an ogre SDK or compile Ogre source before to do this...) and this creates the dll and the .lib necessary to link in your projects


20-02-2008 17:58:07


The CMake build system is primarily used for building on Linux. I'm the main author of it. However I have added support for windows, but it isn't as well tested and I believe the last time I tried I was having some issues.

What compiler are you using on Windows? If it's Visual C++ then open the QuickGUI.sln in the Visual Studio editor. You should be able to build everything from there.

If you're using MinGW you can try the CMake build system but I can't guarantee it will work properly. What you do is the following:

1. Open up a command prompt.
2. Change to the directory you installed QuickGUI into.
3. Enter the following: cmake -G MinGW Makefiles
4. Then run mingw's make, it might be called mingw32-make or something else.

Once that's done you'll have to manually copy the DLL file from the QuickGUI/src directory to your project directory.

This is all from memory. I haven't run a mingw setup in a while so I'm not positive it will work.


20-02-2008 19:43:18

I had exactly the same problem in trying to get it working.

When I first tried to open the QuickGUI.sln file it gave me the error that it couldn't load QuickGUISkinSetEditor.vcproj or QuickGUISheetEditor.vcproj. Because of this, I just assumed that I was doing something wrong. However, after messing around with it (and with cmake) for a long time, I actually tried to compile the project and it worked just fine.

The project should create a .dll file, and a .lib file. Make sure you put the QuickGUI.lib or (QuickGUI_d.lib) in your lib folder, and include it in project Properties -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies along with OgreMain.lib and OIS.lib, and any other lib file you might be using.

Hope this helps. :)


20-02-2008 20:52:10

Yes, that was the problem. Two messages of error appeared and I thought I was in the wrong way.
Now it's time to make some tests, but I think it's finally working.

Thanks a lot to everybody for your help!!! :D


20-02-2008 21:35:23

those errors are normal....the project should compile anyway...


20-02-2008 21:41:03

Eventually I'll create and include those projects.. but there is no set date on either of them! Sorry for the confusion, I should probably drop those projects from the solution for the moment.