Weird borders around images


25-02-2008 02:42:01

Has anyone else seen stuff like this before? Or is this just something with my app or perhaps specific to OS X.

This is nothing new with 0.9.7. I've seen it since I started using QuickGUI.



25-02-2008 02:51:52

I've seen it a little with Direct X, but not so much in OpenGL. It looks like the borders don't blend in well with the image.

Maybe playing with texture filtering in the skinset material might make it look better. The next version sould smooth out the lines between the borders and the inner texture, but I'm not sure why the full screen checkbox has that line there.


You can get the name of the material via the SkinSet, and from the material get the first pass, and the first texture unit state.

Something like this..

Ogre::String s = SkinSetManager::getSingleton().getSkin("qgui")->getMaterialName();
Ogre::MaterialPtr mp = Ogre::MaterialManager::getSingleton().getByName(s);


25-02-2008 03:21:42

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it out with bilinear, trilinear and anisotropic filtering options and saw no change. It's not a major issue for me, minor annoyance but if it's a bug I can help debug/fix it perhaps.


25-02-2008 03:47:54

Sorry that didn't change anything. :(

Its odd because the SkinSet texture is on a transparent background. Even if my UV coordinates were off, the white lines should be transparent lines. (specifically looking at the checkbox and trackbar)

These are probably not related comments:
- Delete your "SkinSet.qgui.png" and "qgui.skinset" files. Update all your texture files from the release zip or SVN, and run your application. The two files should be created and used. (I upgraded the checkbox widget, so I know you're using an outdated skin)
- Try opening the "SkinSet.qgui.png" image and re-saving it. This is probably a very ignorant request, but it couldn't hurt, right? :)

Maybe somebody with knowledge will know whats going on, otherwise we'll have to wait until we're more familiar with how images work, and re-analyze the issue.


25-02-2008 04:54:00

Ok, guilty as charged. Somehow, even though I copied all the skinset files some were cached or something. So I tried again and got this:

I know that I've got some lines overlapping(text areas and elsewhere) but the buttons aren't(I don't think).


25-02-2008 05:24:54

It appears that some of the issue was from a corrupted Skinset.qgui.png. Most of it looks good now, except the buttons still have the lines in them.


26-02-2008 19:54:11

I have seen this also, on xp.

I set some of the existing images in the skin to 100% transparency. It still showed a line box around them.

I was trying to make on invisible, but it didnt work.

Its as if there is a border around it? You know like in html you set the border? Just a thought.. I know this isnt html, lol. So please dont flame me!