Release 0.9.7 on linux


26-02-2008 23:12:33

The svn version compiled but I was suprised to see the release did not.

QuickGUI/src/QuickGUINStateButton.cpp needs this include:
#include "QuickGUIBorder.h"

QuickGUI/src/CMakeFiles needs these added to the list of files:

QuickGUI/src/QuickGUIRadioButtonGroup.cpp needs this include:
#include "QuickGUIManager.h"

And I would delete all .svn directories as they aproximatly double the download size.


27-02-2008 05:05:57

I'll add a post to Kungfoomasta's 0.9.7 announcement, however anyone wanting to try QuickGUI 0.9.7 on linux without using SVN should use the tarball I have here:

I have tested this on a couple of systems. If you have any issues with it, please let me know.