Skinset all in one texture?


23-03-2008 14:48:00


Is it possible to use only one texture file for the whole skin?
like using only the equivalent of Skinset.qgui.png for all widgets with UVs references per widgets/areas. would be much easier than messing with all the



23-03-2008 15:02:51

I want to do kinf of the opposite of what QuickGUI does when saving all the separate textures to the final one. But never mind some shell script and image magick should do the trick.... just that i m too lazy :P


23-03-2008 18:06:33

hi again,

I have a pblm to find out about the skinset parameters :/

texture SkinSet.qgui.png
element button.disabled
dimension 0.671875 0.0429688 0.803711 0.0820313

what is the dimension meaning please?

i though it was coordinates normalized,from the skinset position and size, i tried differents common stuff, but it does not look like that... any help?

will try to check where in the sources the picture is saved too..


24-03-2008 17:09:59

They are UV coordinates. The way SkinSets work currently, all qgui* textures are used to create one texture, to minimize batching. When you load a skinset it checks if the texture for the skinset exists, and if not, creates it automatically. (its set to 1024 by 1024 dimensions, and the packing algorithm isn't the greatest)

In the future users will be able to organize skinsets how they want, but its a work in progress..


26-03-2008 09:22:13

hi kungfoomasta,

Thanks, i see
So as QuickGUI is using only 1 texture when rendering, is there an easy way to get rid of all the sub-textures used to build the final skinset and directly use only this texture to create/modify the skin?
It would be much easier(to me at least...) than messing with +300 .png files. said for example you want to apply a specific color tone to all the widget components at one time, if you work with the full skinset it is much easier to do than modifying all sub-texture files imho.
same when you do a widget state picture you would just need to duplicate/move it inside the skinset mapp and modify the colors or whatever to create the next state.
I know there are things like image magick to batch proccess but it s not very creative oriented :)
Ok found it, nm :)


26-03-2008 19:43:10

You only need qgui.skinset and SkinSet.qgui.png. The rest of the image files are provided so users can update their skinset if they need to.


26-03-2008 20:47:56

ha ok...then my version was not working, with only thoses 2 files, i couldn t see any textures, but just the text.
i was working with that version so i did some modifications...nm


26-03-2008 20:53:14

If you delete both files and rebuild the app it should recreate the files with whatever qgui*png files it finds. That's currently how the atlas is built.


26-03-2008 21:37:25

Weren't there problems with loadSkin not loading from the skinsset.png file but always creating one and replacing the old one? Maybe that might explain why with just the skinset.png file akem321 isn't seeing textures displayed.


26-03-2008 22:02:21

When you load a skinset you specify the resource group to look in. If you copied from the demo it uses "qgui" as a resource group, so the files will be recreated if you don't have a "qgui" resource group, even if the files exist.