[SOLVED] setText problems


24-03-2008 09:38:37

Hi everybody,

I do not why I am having problems using the method setText for a Label.

When I do:


On the screen it appears "est". The first character does not appear.

Any idea?


24-03-2008 17:19:03

Can you post more code? I haven't seen this issue with labels on my end.


24-03-2008 19:53:12

These are the lines:

mLabel = mSheet->createLabel("DebugText");

What is wrong?


24-03-2008 20:20:51

If you remove the call to setSize, does the label display properly? Also is scrolling involved in any way, and what is the size of of the sheet?


25-03-2008 07:35:05

I have removed the setSize line and it does the same. The label autosizes, but showing the text uncorrectly.

I have 2 labels, and when I change the text in one of them, also changes the text in the another one (it remobves the first character of the text).

Is not scrolling involved.

I have not set the size of the sheet, I have just done:

mSheet = mGUIManager->getDefaultSheet();

Any idea?


25-03-2008 18:42:18

Sorry, I've never seen what you describe, and altering one label should not affect any other labels. If you create a label in the demo does it produce similar behavior? Can you show a screenshot of the provided demo?


28-03-2008 22:14:50

I was using the v.0.9.7 Prereleased version, I have migrated to v.0.9.7 and it seems to work perfectly.

Thanks :)