few render/resize pblms + panel borders


26-03-2008 09:05:29


Here is a small video that shows few differents pblms i have when resizing; specially widget text, combobox list, trackbar proportions, I m not using last svn, i wasn t able to build it atm, so few pblms are maybe already fixed.

Also you can see the scrollable panels, i do enable borders to them so i can resize them, but i can' t find what i should use as pictures for borders(qgui.??.border.../ i m modifying the base qgui skinset). In the video the editbox borders are broken too, but that' s because i just didn t copyback the textures for them, no pblm with that.


Ive updated the vid,
about the text pblm, looks like a clipping issue for textboxes cauze when i click back, once re-expanded, i can see the full text back.
but for the button widget, said "[Button]" if i resize smaller
so that only "" is visible, then i re-expand, i see "[ B ]" and not "[Button]" as i should, but then, when i try to get back the button text to a string i get only that "B" too..


26-03-2008 21:21:21

I fixed thoses pblms for my actual version,
dunno if it help, maybe already corrected in svn, if not then
Text disappearing:

src/QuickGUIText.cpp:void Text::redraw():
comment out:

TextBox not updated:
i added an onSizeChanged handler to update correctly..

add this near the others handlers..
void onSizeChanged(const EventArgs& args);

add this in the constructor just where the other event
handlers are defined
then add the handler:
void TextBox::onSizeChanged(const EventArgs& args)
// not sure if the redraw call is really necessary here,
// like Text::setCaption has a redraw call but... :P

Sorry for no patch...i' m not using svn..and i did some other
bad modifcations :P and changing versions is painfull



26-03-2008 21:32:05

Good to hear you've sorted it out!

changing versions is painfull

I thought I wouldn't keep making big changes, but I keep surprising myself. :lol: Luckily I put out a zip release, so hopefully people can stick with that until I put out another drop.

The Text implemention will have to be revised since I will be rendering differently. (it needed to be revised anyway, actually)


26-03-2008 21:43:39

kungfoomasta, you're gonna apply those fixes though right? They seem very good to me :) And by the time Text gets changed, you might have forgotten these need fixing -- and in any case, maybe this event + part of the implementation will remain the same regardless of the next rendering method.



26-03-2008 22:06:56

Any available time I have will be put into QuickGUI development. You'll see why soon enough..