Widget On_Hover event question


24-04-2008 18:22:41

I'm not implementing ToolTips at this phase, but I want to add in the widget event WIDGET_EVENT_ON_HOVER. How this works is that when you move your cursor over a widget and then stop, time will start accumulating. When the time exceeds X seconds, the ON_HOVER event will be thrown. My question is, do we (average users) want to be able to set this X value on a per-widget basis, or would a global value be acceptable? Its just as easy to do both, but its more a question of feasibility. Are there valid scenarios where you want a tooltip to appear over a button after 3 seconds, but on a titlebar the tooltip doesn't appear until after 5? Also keep in mind that if we do have this setting on a per widget basis, I will default each value, and you will have to get/set it for each widget. (If you wanted all buttons to use X as hover time, and all windows as Y, you would have to set each individually)

As it stands now I'm going for the individual route, but I thought it might be overkill.


24-04-2008 19:01:23

One global value for all widgets sounds reasonable. At least I can't come up with a scenario, where having individual values on a per-widget basis would be useful.