Were there any try to make XUL loader?


04-05-2008 22:23:06

Hi. This is my first posting.
This vacation I'm gonna use Ogre3D, but today I have come up with a idea.
It is a User Interface Plugin for XUL, which is a famous Firefox User Interface XML format.

I want to listen any opinion about my idea.
If it is good idea, I want to try to make it by myself.
It will be good chance to study Ogre3D for me, and to help everybody.



05-05-2008 03:45:06

I'm not familiar with XUL, and haven't heard of anything regarding XUL and Ogre.


05-05-2008 04:06:31

Thanks for your information.
Since I haven't finished my final yet, I will think of whether I can really afford or not.

My basic Idea is that if we can use XUL and SMIL as game user interface formation, we can reuse lots of good resources from firefox community.

XUL is very similar format with HTML, but slightly different.
First time actually I considered SVG, but game UI doesn't need vector images. Most of all designers don't know how to make vector images or don't like it. So I changed to XUL.

SMIL is quite simple formation for animation. Since most of game user interface require animation, it will be good way to express in XML format.

We can use both XSLs of XUL and SMIL without violate validation checking.

These are my basic idea.


05-05-2008 07:00:53

Are you suggesting we use XUL to implement serialization of QuickGUI layouts? I already finished serialization, it follows the material editting concept of easy readability and notepad editting, and its custom tailored to QuickGUI's widgets.