Quick GUI problem...!!!!


08-05-2008 18:16:36


I have created the quick gui sheets and deleting it while creating the other sheets. this process keeps going until exit. the quick gui didn't have the option for deleting the widgetName or Widget. So i wrote to delete the widget name from the widget list.

The problem is some UI sheets works great while the other crashes the application while moving the mouse or click on any part of the widget or the sheet. can be any specific reason.

i am planning to keep one previous sheet from not deleting so it might no crash. I am not deleting current sheets, i am only deleting previous sheets to reduce the memory load. i using version v0.5 as its a old project going on a long time i cant update it know to the latest.

we used to create all the ui at ones in the createUIsheet(), but now made every sheet into a seperate func(). so i am creating one and del the previous, using destroywidget() but edited so that it deletes every panel inside the panel and its sub widgets, etc. hope some one understands and reply. sorry for my bad. :D


08-05-2008 18:50:32

v0.5? Maybe you mean v0.9.5? I don't think it will be very difficult for you to upgrade to the latest release. Grab v0.9.7 and follow the wiki tutorial and the provided demo.

As you might have guessed the more recent versions contain bugfixes found in previous versions. If I remember correctly there were issues related to deleting widgets and possibly sheets, so upgrading is in your best interest.