new to QuickGui


26-05-2008 01:52:10

Hello! I have some questions regarding QuickGui:
1. Ive ran the demo of 0.9.7 and in fullscreen after a while it throws an exception, there is nothing to the log file. Is that happen to anyone else?
2. Are all the EventArgs in fact a WidgetEventArgs when fired for a specific widget? Im interested in this cause i want to register the same callback to more than one widget
3. When scrolling the entire main gui window the framerate drops considerably. Is anyone encountered this?


26-05-2008 21:14:12

1. How long until the exception occurs? I haven't seen this myself, mostly because I spend most my time developing the next release. What layout do you have? I will try to do a basic test against this for the next release.

2. All events that are related to a widget are WidgetEventArgs. I added a type member to the EventArgs class so you can check the type of EventArgs so you can make appropriate checks.

3. The new rendering system groups widgets by window and renders them all to a single texture. Each window will be a separate texture, and scrolling won't cost as much performance as the current method.


26-05-2008 23:08:48

It seems it happen when i close some of the windows...the layout is exactly the one from the 0.9.7 demo, i just compile it and ran
Good to know about the scrolling, do u think u could suggest when the next release will be on?
Nevertheless very nice development!


27-05-2008 01:29:19

Thanks for the kind words. :)

I would like to finish the next release when Shoggoth is released, it is a requirement for the next release. I don't know when Shoggoth will be released, so I'm working as fast as I can. The next release will be quite an improvement on almost every aspect of the current library.