Problems with Textbox


29-05-2008 10:54:17

Hi, I have some problems

- I would like to create a form , I found the textBox item but I need a multilines Textbox, does it exist or do I have to do something ???

- in a textBox I can't write french accent from keyboard (it works well when I write it in cpp).

Thx Zolt4n


29-05-2008 17:46:46

Make sure the code point is supported. The GUIManager has a function where you specify the accepted code point from your ttf that are valid as entered chars.

There is no multiline textbox, but as soon as I finish the 1-line TextBox I will make a "TextArea" widget. (Easier to type than MultiLineTextBox) It shouldn't be very hard once I figure out how the TextBox works.