[WAITING] How to make your own widget?


17-06-2008 22:10:45

Hello everybody,

I have several questions about QuickGUI.

How could I make my own widget without changing the skin?.

Is there a way to create, for example, a button with custom image for push, over, disable, etc?



18-06-2008 17:23:59

In the last release of QuickGUI there isn't any simple way to skin a widget. The new code base supports easy skinning of any part of any widget. I can't release the code until it compares to 0.9.7 in terms of functionality; there are still some areas I need to rewrite, and some Widgets to upgrade to use the skinning and rendering system.

I will write a wiki entry for skinning widgets and a wiki entry for creating custom widgets when the code is ready to be released.


18-06-2008 18:58:41

Do you know when you will release the new version?


18-06-2008 19:45:09

Main items left to tackle: Resizing, Scrolling, Widgets.

I can release it after these items are complete, or wait for Shoggoth to be released, since its a requirement of the library. I think Shoggoth should be released soon.


19-06-2008 19:51:13

Ok. Thank you!. I will wait...