[Solved] Custom Skin Problem


03-07-2008 02:18:41

i'm trying to use my own set of skins
so, here the steps:

rsm->addResourceLocation("Data/QuickGUI/skins/bof","FileSystem",mResourceGroup); // my skin folder
QuickGUI::SkinSetManager::getSingleton().loadSkin("bof",QuickGUI::SkinSet::IMAGE_TYPE_PNG,"quickgui"); // trying to use "bof" skin set
QuickGUI::Image* logoImage = mSheet->createImage("bof.image.png"); // loading the logo

the skin works when i use the default one, qgui, changing the "bof" folder to qgui and changing the parameters to "qgui" when applicable

the SkinSet.bof.png is create fine at the bof folder
i also changed the skinTemplate.material to get the stuffs at the bof folder

but, the widgets displays without skin
am i forgotting some code to enable a custom skin?

i took a look at the QuickGUIManager.cpp
and i found this at the createSheet method: Sheet* newSheet = new Sheet(name,"qgui",this);

do i have to change this "qgui" to work with my custom skin ?

from console: "Texture: bof.image.png: Loading 1 faces( ... )"
the file is being found, still not displaying anything


03-07-2008 17:55:24

Have you tried Widget::setSkin("bof")?

I'm going to try and push out the next release in 2 weeks, the skinning system is much easier to use, it doesn't involve a texture atlas, just defining the skin in a text file (ogre material-like script) and setting the type of the widget.


03-07-2008 19:32:31

Have you tried Widget::setSkin("bof")?

hey, it works =]