Controls Not Rendering Correctly


17-08-2008 15:01:47

I'm very new to QuickGUI, but I'm starting to run into a few problems.

Firstly, I have this same problem with text rendering in D3D (see screen shots) in post.

I noted that it was corrected back in January. I'm using v0.9.7, which was released after that time, yet I see this problem. Could there be another issue here?

Another problem is with the textbox. It won't render any borders. It won't render the flashing cursor either. The window control doesn't render its close button either. If I switch to OpenGL, both of these controls look correct. I see that other people have had issues with rendering between D3D and OpenGL.

Another problem with the window control occurs under both Direct3D and OpenGL. For some reason the interior of the control gets clipped if I move the window around the screen. There appears to be an invisible edge on the screen and as I drag the window past this point it clips the interior of the window (borders and title bar render fine however). I may need to show a screenshot to explain the problem better.

The last problem I have is with the texturing. I want the interior of my textbox to be a single solid color, so I changed the texture for it and made it 1x1 pixel since it will all just be the same color. However, when this is applied to the textbox it gets stretched across the control and you end up with a colored center that fades out to black towards the edges. I'm guessing this is a quad texturing issue. Any advice how to get around this?


18-08-2008 03:09:30

I've updated to the SVN source now and the text clipping and window clipping issues seem to have been resolved.

However, there is still some serious problems with D3D rendering. The borders of controls do not line up correctly, often leaving a gap between the border and the interior. Also, so controls appear to have white lines around some of their sides.


18-08-2008 16:04:36

Sent you a PM. I went to release a demo last weekend, but I found some odd issues in the demo that are not present in my current test application, so I need to figure these out. The demo itself won't help you develop, but you'll definately want a copy of my current code base.