Shoggoth-friendly release?


05-09-2008 05:34:26

I saw that shoggoth RC1 is out, is there a new & improved QuickGUI due?

I've been trying out BetaGUI for a while, since the console slowness and crash bug became prohibitive and betagui let me throw together something really fast, but I'd really like to get back to the massively more friendly QuickGUI; will there be a version of quickgui out soon that works with shoggoth?

Thank-you very much,
Gary (-;


05-09-2008 17:01:42

I have found a strange issue where the Ogre::Image class is giving me a crash when used in OpenGL. (particularly the assignment operator) I'm still looking into it, but as soon as the library works for OpenGL again I'm going to make a release. The console widget won't make the release, but I plan to make another release after this initial one, which will include the List, ComboBox, and Console. (not as lengthy timespan, maybe 2 weeks)

I have a friend's wedding to go to this weekend, but I will spend most of Sunday looking into the issue and seeing what can be done. With luck, I'll push it out on Monday. :)