Stepping through DLL Debug / Desc object duplicate name


30-01-2009 13:14:42

During my upgrade to the most recent code for Ogre, QuickGUI etc I decided to stop static linking in order to cut down my compile times, prepare for the future, and separate my projects a bit more. I'm now building QuickGUI separately and then linking to my DLL using the .lib file in my own project. That's all fine and QuickGUI runs. However, I recently got an exception within the DLL. Now, when I get exceptions in OGRE, even though OGRE is compiled as a DLL and refered to in the same way as QuickGUI, VC++ will automatically load up the source and let me step through it while running. However, with QuickGUI right now, the call stack contains a bunch of links to assembly, and stepping in takes me into DLL assembly, which is NOT where I want to be! Do you know how to get normal stepping-through debugging working using QuickGUI's DLL?

-- UPDATE -- I got stepping-through working by copying the .pdb files from QuickGUI/bin to the local directory of my .exe file. Quite why they don't work from where they were is a mystery to me: my Ogre .pdb files are in the Ogre /lib/ directory along with the .lib files, and so I don't understand why QuickGUI's .pdb file would need to be in the same directory as my .exe . Any ideas?



(-- edited -- removed code part of the issue; my mistake created the exception)