09-03-2009 01:56:07

Address: http://stormsonggames.com/svn/SSE/Gaia2/QuickGUI
Address: http://stormsonggames.com/svn/SSE/Gaia2 ... UIOgreDemo
Address: http://stormsonggames.com/svn/SSE/Gaia2 ... rePlatform

user name: Anonymous
password: QuickGUI


09-03-2009 15:21:59

Thanks! Much better that way, even without the older revisions.


17-11-2009 16:09:27

Is anybody else experiencing problems with the repository right now?

EDIT: Nevermind, it's back up now.


03-03-2010 12:24:49

Can't access the SVN. Timeout, failure to connect.


04-03-2010 20:05:13

Hm, I'm not sure why this is, I use the SVN daily. :( Can you try on another machine and see if its machine/browser specific?


05-03-2010 00:09:15

It seems your whole domain is down right now... Are you sure it's not time to look for another hosting company yet? :D They're not the most reliable sorts, and they haven't bothered to update their SVN server version in what, the last 6 years?


05-03-2010 14:13:05

SourceForge is very stable and free.


06-03-2010 22:11:40

Seconded. I know I've suggested this before, but if this outage has changed your mind then SourceForge comes highly recommended.


07-03-2010 12:32:41

Or, if you consider moving anyway, you could as well upgrade to a more modern version control system. I have made very good experience with Bazaar. For repository hosting Launchpad (https://launchpad.net/) offers an excellent service with a very tight Bazaar-integration, bug-tracker, lots of others niceties and a much friendlier web-design than Sourceforge (I admit the last point is kinda subjective). The only thing, that it is missing, is a Wiki, but you are using the Ogre Wiki anyway, so that wouldn't matter.


09-03-2010 18:53:57

That Launchpad service looks very tempting! I need to look more into it, but it reminds me of fogbugz that I use for another project of mine, except fogbugz costs money, unless you have a 2 man team.

I have a yearly agreement with my provider, but in light of all these problems, I'll probably find another host when the time comes to renew or move to another provider. Its true their SVN is ancient.. kind of sad they didn't listen to my request to update it. I guess it would affect too many customers.


11-05-2010 00:14:35

You could also consider Gitorious. You can import all the SVN history and upload it in just a few minutes.


11-05-2010 03:27:17

Yeah, same with Launchpad. Though Bazaar is truly an outstanding tool. I've been using it for all of a month, and have found it vastly more intuitive and just... clean than Git ever felt. It seems to work for you rather than the other way around.


30-07-2010 22:26:28

I've updated the SVN username/password for read only access. I haven't tested it, but it should work. :)


25-08-2010 04:31:20

There's no QuickGUI directory anymore, and the Anonymous account doesn't have access to Gaia2/QuickGUI, so it appears Murphy's law has struck again. :D


25-08-2010 08:49:18

Doh! Will update this soon. :oops:


29-08-2010 00:57:36

Address is updated. Also, user account was created, but did not have permissions, this should be fixed.


20-01-2015 08:14:39

These links are dead...The browser noticed that Name Error: The domain name does not exist.


04-11-2016 09:21:51

Have you updated?