12-03-2009 17:28:02

I noticed that QuickGUI has Doxygen comments all over the place, but there is no doxygen documentation available for download. So I created it:

It's a bit bulky, because I configured doxygen slightly more graphics-heavy. But the graphics are pretty informative, so I suggest we keep them (quite a collection of Widgets ;) ).

I propose, that only the Doxyfile is added to the SVN repository. With a correctly installed version of Doxygen you don't have to do more than load the Doxyfile, set the working directory and click the start button to create the documentation (which could be added to the release).

P.S.: There are some strange Doxygen comments in QuickGUI, that aren't meant to be used for C++ code (properties and a few others, I think).


12-03-2009 17:45:33

Wow, thanks for doing this Zini! :D I will commit the doxygen file into SVN. The graphical heirarchy looks pretty cool. I have plans to add a few more widgets, but currently I'm focusing on getting a usable editor up and running. Development is going well!


20-03-2009 22:55:20

Oooh, and editor!!!
/me can't wait!

And thanks for the docs, Zini!