Using Keyboard in a Menu/List


29-03-2009 06:57:07

HI, I was looking into using QuickGUI (instead of CEGUI) for my project that is due in about to weeks. Thaknfully, the GUI components are very simple, as all the gameplay is essentially just moving up and down in menu's (it's a Tactics-like game).

My question is: what's the best way to make a menu maniuplated not at all by the mouse (we dont' plan to use the mouse at all) but rather up up/down arrows and like select/cancel buttons.

Is there a "simple" way to do this in QuickGUI? What elements/items would be involved? Would I need a List, and if so, wat items would go in the list, labels?



29-03-2009 10:07:27

I think I've overlooked the idea of navigating through menu's via key input, I'll have to look into it. I think it will have to be implemented. For the list, selection of items can happen by adding a handler for key presses and calling List API's, but I don't have the equivalent of the mouse hovering over items (highlighting list items) that could achived through existing APIs. If CEGUI implements this functionality by default, it would probably be a better choice. I'm going to implement this functionality, but I can't give any time estimates on it. Sorry! (And thanks for the idea, this functionality is default in my OS but I never use it, and it should be implemented!)


29-03-2009 15:12:05

haha, actually, CEGUI does not implement this either (part of why i was looking into QuickGUI). for cegui you have to manually move the mouse everytime you press an arrow key, so that the mouse is moved over the button. thanks for the answer though, time to look for another GUI system lol