Issue list - pre v9.04 release


30-03-2009 19:29:00

I'm very busy this week, but I still plan on posting a zip of quickgui online.

Please post any high priority issues you may have, so I can try to make sure those fixes are added to the v9.04 zip.

Some of the things I remember fixing:

- GUIManager gaurds against Injection of events when there is no active Sheet
- Injections always return true if the cursor is over a GUIElement, false otherwise. (transparent culling is used unless the widget specifies not to, meaning in the average case there is a transparent sheet, and the cursor does not detect being over any widget)
- Sheet can be made invisible via "setVIsible(false)". I didn't do anything here, but I tested it and it works.
- Console has added methods for Adding Text to DisplayArea.

And to re-iterate some new changes:
- DescManager used to get Desc objects
- No SheetManager, Sheet's constructor/destructor is now public access