Stuttering in OpenGL


21-04-2009 15:50:35

Hey, Kungfoomasta... just when you thought it was safe to go back to the forum... ;)

I've just upgraded to Ogre v1.6.2 from v1.6.1 and I've noticed some severe stuttering in drawing when crossfading to and from the display with lots of buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. (I've even reduced the number of world selection buttons from 100 to 75, on an unrelated issue.) There's also a noticeable lag again when you move the mouse pointer over a button.

Sorry to keep being the bearer of bad news... :(


21-04-2009 18:46:03

just when you thought it was safe to go back to the forum...


Have a movie?

I haven't upgraded yet myself, but what you describe seems... lame. Kind of sounds like texture drawing became less efficient in the latest Ogre release. for teh lose. :x


21-04-2009 19:26:58

Actually... it's more as though they're pushing DirectX. The transition when I'm using the DirectX 9 subsystem is baby's-backside smooth...

... not particularly subtle, are they?... :?

Now, if I could figure out why the Napier logarithm the lighting in my game doesn't work in DirectX, I'd be a much happier dragon... I don't suppose you might have any idea? :D


21-04-2009 19:51:20

I'm a lighting/shadow noob. The next cool gamedev thing I'm doing will be Fog of War, but its based off of an existing solution, mostly tailoring it to my needs.